INNOCAP Inc. is a world class leader in deep ocean technology used to find, salvage and bring historical impact from their deep sea projects. With over fifty years combined experience, the dynamic duel leadership of Paul Tidwell and Chris Dubea complement each other’s strengths to bring this company a broad spectrum of opportunity on the high seas. Dubea’s knowledge and experience in marine engineering, development of specialized equipment, notably the ROVs (Remotely Operated Vehicles), and his network of corporate and government agents who know and respect his leadership, team approach and successful project experience, alongside Tidwell’s vision of the across the board value of each project from negotiation in countries around the world with governments of decidedly contrasting agendas, the ability to achieve the deepest salvage project to date, the respect and care of salvaging artifacts of great value, the marketing acumen to know the value and where to find the best exposure for such artifacts, but more intensely motivated to bring the full historical story of the people involved in the original mishap that brought about this treasure being lost to the sea.

Tidwell’s adventures have been documented by some of the most trusted authorities, such as National Geographic Magazine, NBC television and the Guinness Book of World Records (Silver Edition); presented in distinguished halls of higher learning and fictionalized ready for Hollywood movies, television documentaries, social media videos and even video games.

This company is built on the knowledge and experience to handle deep sea projects from conception to final market.